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[on] 1. preposition
1) (touching, fixed to, covering etc the upper or outer side of: The book was lying on the table; He was standing on the floor; She wore a hat on her head.) su
2) (in or into (a vehicle, train etc): We were sitting on the bus; I got on the wrong bus.) in
3) (at or during a certain day, time etc: on Monday; On his arrival, he went straight to bed.) a
4) (about: a book on the theatre.) su
5) (in the state or process of: He's on holiday.) in
6) (supported by: She was standing on one leg.) su
7) (receiving, taking: on drugs; on a diet.) drogato; a dieta
8) (taking part in: He is on the committee; Which detective is working on this case?) in; a, su
9) (towards: They marched on the town.) su
10) (near or beside: a shop on the main road.) su
11) (by means of: He played a tune on the violin; I spoke to him on the telephone.) a
12) (being carried by: The thief had the stolen jewels on him.) (da)
13) (when (something is, or has been, done): On investigation, there proved to be no need to panic.) a
14) (followed by: disaster on disaster.) su, dopo
2. adverb
1) ((especially of something being worn) so as to be touching, fixed to, covering etc the upper or outer side of: She put her hat on.) (su)
2) (used to show a continuing state etc, onwards: She kept on asking questions; They moved on.) continuamente
3) ((also adjective) (of electric light, machines etc) working: The television is on; Turn/Switch the light on.) acceso
4) ((also adjective) (of films etc) able to be seen: There's a good film on at the cinema this week.) in programma
5) ((also adjective) in or into a vehicle, train etc: The bus stopped and we got on.) a bordo
3. adjective
1) (in progress: The game was on.) in corso
2) (not cancelled: Is the party on tonight?) in programma
- ongoing
- onwards
- onward
- be on to someone
- be on to
- on and on
- on time
- on to / onto
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abbr Canada
Post , (= Ontario)
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(anche Ont.) (Canada, Ontario) Ontario.
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English-Italian dictionary. 2013.

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